Buckwheat Hull & Pillows

For the best night's sleep, The Buckwheat Hull Pillow provides complete support.  Our pillows are made using our Australian grown buckwheat hull and 100% Australian woven cotton.   Our buckwheat is Sustainably grown and tested chemical residue free.
Shop Online:  Please click on the photos below to order pillows and 2.7kg buckwheat hull freight free. 
Ebay:   use Ebay for our 5kg & 11kg buckwheat hull (Ebay will calculate postage).
Wholesale Orders:   for 11kg Buckwheat Hull or 4+ pillows please use our    Wholesale Order Form     (Contact us if you have trouble filling in the form)  (NB: you need to download and save form before filling out and sending via email button).     Freight:    Please email us or use the order form for a freight quote, include your town and postcode.   We can not quote freight over the phone.  Thank you.