WA Stockfeed

Due to the severe drought in NSW and our location on rail at Parkes we are railing container loads of stockfeed from Perth.

Allow 2 week lead time from ordering.  Large quantities available.

Bulk Only.  Minimum order 10mt.  Strictly payment before despatch.

Prices ex Parkes, GST to be added.  B-double and Roadtrain access.

Our invoices will have the freight component itemised for rebates.  We have been informed that the Rural Assistance Authority will pay rebates on rail freight from Perth WA to Parkes NSW.

You might find the Primefacts below helpful for information on Full Hand Feeding of Sheep and Cattle:

  Full Hand Feeding Beef Cattle       Full Hand Feeding Sheep

Pricing (current  25/2/2019) ex Parkes NSW

Alka Grain Info

ALKA WHEAT............ring Geoff Brown 0427 643 435.................$600/mt + GST

available bulk only, $500 + $100/mt freight (WA to Parkes NSW)



Milne Feeds pellets will be railed to Parkes NSW on ordering.  Ring or email Dean Toovey for orders:  tooveyd@milne.com.au 

EASYONE ........ring Dean Toovey 0428 409 246

available bulk only - suitable for sheep (9mm pellet, Protein 14.5%, ME 11Mj, minerals) $467.50 + $147.50/mt freight (WA to Parkes NSW)  EasyOne Tech Sheet

LAMBGRO ....ring Dean Toovey 0428 409 246 

available bulk only - suitable for lambs (4mm pellet, Protein 16%, ME 12 Mj, minerals) $497.50 + $147.50/mt freight (WA to Parkes NSW)  LambGro Tech Sheet

 Here are some farmer recommendations for Milne EasyOne pellets:

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