Bio-Oz Buckwheat Flour GF 19.5kg BULK BUY Australian grown


100% Australian grown.

Buckwheat is an excellent gluten free flour.

Buckwheat is low GI, high in magnesium and has a very balanced amino acid profile.

Buckwheat is botanically a fruit and our Australian grown buckwheat has a fresh sweet nutty flavour.

Our buckwheat flour is tested Gluten Free and is freshly milled from our 2021 crop.

Buckwheat flour can be used for crepes, pancakes, cakes, desserts, biscuits, bread and pasta.

We mill Bio-Oz Buckwheat Flour in our gluten free and nut free mill. 

Note:  Organic Buckwheat

The majority of buckwheat flour and kernels currently for sale in Australia are imported organic, mainly from China (including organic Chinese buckwheat imported into Europe and relabelled as European grown buckwheat). 

Buckwheat is botanically a fruit and imported buckwheat could be many years old, affecting it's flavour and nutritional value.

 Please be aware that "Australian Certified Organic" does not necessarily mean "Product of Australia".  Read the small print.

Our Bio-Oz buckwheat is Chemical Residue Free but is not Certified Organic.

Please check the packaging to ensure you are buying Product of Australia.

Note:  Gluten Free Buckwheat

Buckwheat may be gluten free but contamination with gluten containing grains means the buckwheat flour or kernels produced may no longer be gluten free.

Imported buckwheat is often contaminated with gluten containing grains.

Please check the packaging to ensure the buckwheat flour or kernels you are buying are labelled as gluten free, preferably with the Coeliac Australia logo.

We are supplying many small cafes and restaurants with our buckwheat flour and kernels. 

If buckwheat is on the menu please ask if they are using Bio-Oz Buckwheat to ensure you are eating gluten free, obviously check for contamination within the restaurant as well.

Coeliac Australia has information packs and helpful protocols for cafes and restaurants cooking gluten free meals within a standard kitchen.