Bio-Oz Buckwheat Hull 11 Kg Australian grown

Our Bio-Oz Buckwheat Hull is 100% Australian grown.

Bio-Oz Buckwheat Hull is excellent for filling your own buckwheat hull pillow, meditation cushion or travel cushion, stuffing a soft toy or topping up your old buckwheat hull pillow.

Each 11kg bag will fill approx. 3 standard sized bed pillows or meditation cushions.

Our Bio-Oz Buckwheat Hull is also available in 600gm and 2.5kg and 5kg bags.

WARNING: Buckwheat Hull is NOT SUITABLE for heating in the microwave. Buckwheat Hull is NOT SUITABLE for heat packs.

For pallets orders of 6 to 20 x 11kg bags please email or call 02 6862 5954 during business hours.