Bio-Oz Buckwheat Kernels GF 10kg Australian grown

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100% Australian grown.

Buckwheat is an excellent gluten free grain.

Buckwheat is low GI, high in magnesium and has a very balanced amino acid profile.

Buckwheat is botanically a fruit and our Australian grown buckwheat has a fresh sweet nutty flavour.

Bio-Oz Buckwheat Kernels are tested Gluten Free and are freshly dehulled from our 2022 crop.

Bio-Oz buckwheat kernels are dehulled from Sustainably grown buckwheat, please see our Sustainable Farmers of Australia page for more information.  Bio-Oz buckwheat kernels are not certified organic. 

Please be aware that "Australian Certified Organic" does not necessarily mean Product of Australia. 

Please check the packaging to ensure you are buying Product of Australia, most of the organic buckwheat available in Australia is grown in China.  Read the small print!

Buckwheat kernels can be used for muesli, porridge, kasha, added to bread mixes, added to biscuits, added to soups, casseroles or stir fries, milled into flour or boiled like rice and served with meat and vegetables or added to salads.

We dehull kernels daily, your kernels are fresh for maximum flavour and nutrition. 

Buckwheat kernels are best when freshly dehulled, but stored correctly (under refrigeration during summer or warm weather) they will last up to 12 months.

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