BULK BUY CARTON* Buckwheat Hull Pillow Grey STANDARD x 4

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Buckwheat Hull Pillow Grey STANDARD x 4 per Carton

Our Bulk Buy Carton* holds 4 x Standard pillows, suitable for retailers or families, and is shipped as 1 item.

The Buckwheat Hull Pillow STANDARD (44cm x 67cm) is our most popular pillow. Each pillow has a height of approx. 11cm and weighs approx. 3kg.

This pillow is slightly larger than our original pillow (we are now calling our original pillow SMALL).  Check your pillow case size before ordering.

If you prefer a fuller pillow, we recommend the EXTRA FULL pillow, which has a height of approx. 16cm and weighs approx 4kg.

Buckwheat hull is a natural renewable product and has been used for centuries in pillows.

The Buckwheat Hull Pillow is a healthy, comfortable and anatomically correct support for your head, neck and shoulders, and many health care professionals recommend buckwheat hull pillows.

Our buckwheat is grown on the tablelands of NSW and southern QLD.  After harvest it is de-hulled, the hull is cleaned and filled into Australian woven 100% cotton cases, sewn and assembled in Parkes, NSW, Australia.

The Buckwheat Hull Pillow moulds to the shape of your head and neck.  Plump up the pillow, then burrow your head in while leaving your shoulders on the bed.  Adjust the position if necessary so that your neck is fully supported.  Buckwheat hull rustles slightly when you move your head, but you just don't notice after a night or two.

The Buckwheat Hull Pillow has a zip so you can add more hull or remove hull for a flatter pillow. 

As with any new pillow it may take a few nights or so to adjust; as soon as you do you'll never want to sleep on another pillow ever again.

The Buckwheat Hull Pillow will last for at least 10 years.  Place The Buckwheat Hull Pillow in direct sunlight for a few hours every so often.  If you need to wash the pillow, first remove the hull and wash the cotton outer. 

The Buckwheat Hull Pillow is a licensed Australian Made product proudly supporting Australian farmers and manufacturers and providing a quality product direct to you.

We offer a full money back guarantee (including the cost of postage) against faulty manufacturing or materials. 

Please do not heat The Buckwheat Hull Pillow or put in the microwave.  Not suitable for babies.

Order now and enjoy the comfort of your own Buckwheat Hull Pillows.

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