About Buckwheat Enterprises

Buckwheat Enterprises Pty Ltd has been processing and exporting buckwheat since the 1970's.

Today, we process buckwheat and ancient wheats for the Australian and export markets in our purpose built facility at Parkes, central west NSW.

Geoff Brown, Managing Director, began the Australian spelt industry on his farm at Neville, NSW in 1987. We are major suppliers of Australian grown spelt and are currently developing Kamut brand Khorosan wheat, Einkorn and Emmer as a range of high quality ancient wheat baking flours.

Our facility at Parkes was built in 1992 with segregated sealed silo storage and conveyors to minimise contamination between grains.

We mill Australian grown buckwheat flour in a segregated gluten free mill and we are the only suppliers of Australian grown buckwheat kernels.

We are a professional member of the Australian Coeliac Assocation.

We manufacture buckwheat hull pillows using Australian woven 100% cotton and our Australian grown buckwheat hull.

We have a close association with our farmers, and are committed to sustainable farming practices. Our farmers use modern no-till methods to increase the organic matter in their soil and our grain is tested for chemical residues.

Bio-Oz is our brand name for flour products.

Visit our online shop for buckwheat hull pillows and Australian grown wholemeal einkorn flour.